This pretty town is well taken care of, Palau live all year round thanks to its remarkable economic development, it has now acquired a certain notoriety in tourist field.


The organization of shows during the summer season and its proximity to places of call such as Costa Smeralda, make Palau one of the most popular vacancy in the panorama of international tourism.

The town offers many services, restaurants, shops, boutiques and bazaars. Everything for a quiet getaway and discover Sardinia, its handicrafts and cuisine made from typical Mediterranean flavors.


Palau is an area rich in archaeological sites of memory. Among the most famous cultural sites in the area of ​​Palau, the most important thing to mention is the Monti Canu, where the site is located nuragico the Giants' graves, burials of considerable size belonging to the Nuraghic civilization of the second millennium BC

Also from Port of Palau you can comfortably hang the ferry, in 15 minutes, reach the island of La Maddalena, the only town in the archipelago.

In a short walk through the streets of the center, you will see many nineteenth-century buildings, the parish of St. Mary Magdalene and the evocative Cala Gavetta, magnificent natural harbor.

With only 6 km route will take you to the island of Caprera, famous settlement of Garibaldi and still home to the museum named after him

Palau is one of the most spectacular and noteworthy seaside towns in Gallura and bordering the Emerald Coast and the main hub for connections with Corsica and the Maddalena Archipelago. But the development of the modern marina is also linked to the possibilities offered by the entire coastline that stretches in an incredible variety of bays, coves dream, pristine beaches and rocky islands that emerge into a sea teaming with life.

The coasts of Palau artistically shaped profile sculpted by wind generating rocks of various forms, the most famous of which is the Bear. The weather over the millennia have amazingly transformed this rock to unmistakably appear like a bear. For those who wish to travel coast-to-coast while also visiting the reliefs of the inner area of ​​Palau and surrounding area with its lush Mediterranean vegetation, you can take advantage of a successful tourism offered by Sardinia's Railway It called the Green Train. Its appeal is conferred by the fact that the railway runs through areas completely devoid of roads that would otherwise be unattainable. From the windows you can An unimaginable Sardinia, including forests, calm lakes and thick vegetation amidst which the train is forced to look for an opening. The itineraries to discover this corner of paradise are numerous, short for those deciding to adventure through Gallura, Palau is a major attraction. Many are the places available to the most demanding, the most famous include: Porto Rafael, Capo d'Orso, Costa Serena, Isola dei Gabbiani, Porto Pollo (surfers paradise) and the beautiful military forts of Stintino, Capo d'Orso, Altura and Baragge. Among the many Sardinian destinations, that of Palau is not to be missed.